Customer Support

At Safe Shores Monitoring, providing superior customer support is core to our service. As an experienced service provider operating since 1998, our mission is to protect, assure and respond to all customer needs.

From 24-hour frontline support, to on-going customer relationship building and personal safety guidance, we ensure that you are supported throughout your journey with us.

To provide exceptional support for our customers, we have a range of features integrated into our ISO9001 accredited quality management system.

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24-hour Frontline Support

24 hours per day, 365 days per year, our customer support team are available to assist you when you need it most. We support you with:

Your Service Queries

We offer comprehensive advice and support for all service-based queries and system issues.

Device Maintenance

If you have any issues with your device including failures, mobile network or SIM card issues, we can resolve them.

Live Feedback

We will alert you when there are failures in your response plan and system which comprises the safety of end-users.

To access our 24-hour customer support line, please call 0141 280 3997 or email

Customer Relationships 

Fostering a strong relationship with our customers is fundamental. From the moment we first engage with you, to onboarding, implementation and throughout your contract term, our Customer Support Team are there for you.

To ensure our customers are satisfied, we create a Service Level Agreement which we review regularly. We perform annual visits and telephoned reviews two times per year at a minimum with an agreed schedule to suit your needs. Obtaining our customers viewpoints and building a strong relationship allows us to strive for continuous improvement and innovation, advancing our services to create a safer world to live and work.

Our customer relationship team are on hand to support your enquiries 9-5 Monday to Friday. Just call us on 0141 280 3999 or email

Technical Support

To ensure that our BS8484 certified systems are resilient, we operate a 24-hour on-call service with second-tier technical support in the event of that our systems present an issue. Our technical support team are able to manage:

  • General technical and operational queries
  • System improvements
  • Lost and stolen devices
  • Device faults and system interruptions
  • API integration and functionality
  • Compatibility issues
  • System security and resilience

Our technical team resolve all critical issues within 2 hours, allowing us to maintain our 99.98% service availability, a standard which exceeds the current requirements for a BS8484 service. If you require technical support, please call 0141 280 3997 or email

Advice and Guidance

Keeping our audience engaged with the latest news, guidance and legislation surrounding personal safety is another facet to our superior customer support. Our website and social media channels are packed with useful content that people can use to feel safer in their environment. Check us out:

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