A satellite communication service to locate and communicate
with lone workers operating almost anywhere in the world.
Featuring handheld devices from Garmin.


Voyager provides highly reliable satellite communication (satcom) solutions for lone workers operating in areas where reliance on traditional mobile phone signals is unacceptable.

The Voyager service provides lone workers with a choice of Garmin handheld satcom devices connected to our Archangel® personal safety management system.

Voyager manages the personal and occupational risk, and it can locate and communicate with lone workers via a the Iridium global communication network and ensures communication is maintained with lone workers operating almost anywhere across the globe.

Messages and Alarms generated from lone workers, delivered via the devices, are received and monitored by Archangel® and can either be managed by your own teams, or by our BS8484 certified 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre located in the UK.

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Satellite Communication for Lone Workers


SOS Button

SOS button connecting you directly to your chosen responder or our ARC via two-way messaging

Two-way Communication

First BS8484 Sat-Com device featuring two-way messaging, connecting you to emergency contacts and responders.

Multifunction Features

Allowing you to clock on and create a timed activity guards when performing hazardous activities.

Pair with Smartphone

Pair with compatible mobile devices to access maps, GPS navigation and contacts. (Note: Does not pair with the Safe Shores Companion App)

Advanced Location

Communicates accurate location data to support lone worker safety.

Satellite Communication

Connecting you anywhere in the world through the global Iridium® satellite network by Garmin.

Safety Features


A dedicated SOS button to summon emergency assistance.

Welfare Check

When a lone worker fails to Clock Off or TAG off, a series of welfare messages are sent. If there’s no response, an alarm is raised.


Lone workers can clock on at the beginning of their work period and clock off at the end, helping to demonstrate work time compliance and safety.


Timed Activity Guard (TAG) records the time surrounding a hazardous activity. If the TAG is not closed after a set period of time, a welfare alarm is generated.


TASK enables lone workers to leave a message outlining their current activity. This can be updated regularly throughout their working period.

Friend In Need

Friend in Need allows lone workers to press their SOS anytime they may need temporary assistance or comfort.

Is Voyager right for you?

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