Essential Service

Combining value, quality and safety.

The Essential Service

Essential is one of the most accessible and secure lone worker solutions on the market. Combining value and quality, our simple to use service allows lone workers to either dial-in or text safety updates using their mobile or smartphones keypad.

This service allows you to protect lone workers across your organisation as it allows employees to use their existing devices to send safety updates with ease.

The Essential Service aids compliance with the requirements of the Equality Act, allowing workers from all backgrounds to feel safe whilst working solo.

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Lone worker bring your own device


SOS Speed Dial

Dedicated SOS dial up service connecting you to your chosen responder.

Two-way recorded audio

A clear and audible call recording with two-way connection.


Compatible with mobiles, smartphones and landlines, making it accessible to everyone.

Text Controls

CLOCK, TAG and SOS functions controlled by text or dial up.

Bring Your Own Device

The Essential Service allows you to integrate a lone worker safety system to your existing devices.


The Essential Service aids compliance to the Equality Act through SMS messages.

Safety Features

SOS Speed Dial

Dedicated SOS dial up service connecting you to your chosen responder.



Welfare Check

When a lone worker fails to Clock Off or TAG off, a series of welfare messages are sent. If there’s no response, an alarm is raised.


Clock on at the beginning of your work period and clock off at the end with a single button press, helping to demonstrate work time compliance and safety.


Timed Activity Guard (TAG) records the time surrounding a hazardous activity. If the TAG is not closed after a set period of time, a welfare alarm is generated.


TASK enables lone workers to leave an audio message outlining their current activity. This can be updated regularly throughout their working period.

Friend In Need

Press your SOS button anytime you need temporary assistance or comfort. For example, whilst walking alone in a new location.

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