Ally Safety Button

Lightweight and Discreet

The Ally Button

Ally is your friend in a time of need. As an award winning discreet SOS button, Ally uses Bluetooth connectivity to intelligently connect with any Companion App within a 30-metre free space range to allow you to raise an SOS alarm when you may be away from your phone. The Ally Bluetooth Button can be placed on almost anything within your working environment, including clothing, work equipment, walls and furniture.


  • The lightest Bluetooth button in the market, weighing only 4 grams.
  • Ally is extremely flexible and can be unobtrusively mounted to nearly anything.
  • Ally has an impressive battery life, with up to 18 months of use.*
  • Ally connects to all Companion Apps within a clear 100ft (30m) range.
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Summon immediate assistance from responders by activating the Ally Button with a simple and discreet double press of the button.


Extremely discreet and flexible, Ally is the lightest Bluetooth button in the market, weighing only 4 grams.


Featuring an adhesive, strip Ally can be unobtrusively mounted to walls, under desks or on the rear of an ID card.


Ally connects to all Companion Apps (iOS and Android) within 30m of clear range, giving you added peace of mind while working as part of a team.

Intelligently Connects

Ally intelligently connects to any phone running Companion App using ultra-low energy Bluetooth technology.

Keyring Attachment

Ally also comes with a backing plate allowing you to turn it into a keyring which can be attached to keys, lanyard or your person.

Is the Ally Button right for you?

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