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The Safe Shores Shop is designed for you to build your own customised personal safety system, combining a range of services and devices to suit your business needs. Our online store allows you to build a system of up to 20 users with the option to purchase additional devices to safeguard your lone workers.

You can purchase your own system below, or if you would like to enquire about a system beyond 20 users, please contact us and we will be happy to support you.

How does it work?

Managing personal safety for your staff has never been easier. With a subscription to the Archangel Personal Safety Management System, you can manage staff safety with the Essential Service and Companion App included with no extra charge. You can then add on additional devices and services to enhance your level of safety. To complete your system…

Follow these four easy steps!

Choose Your System

Archangel is a flexible system allowing you to customise your system to suit your organisations needs. First, choose how you would like to pay (monthly or buy now), choose your system size and then choose any add on features, it’s that easy! See below to get started.

Choose Your Devices

Archangel allows you to use the Essential Service and Companion App at no extra cost. However, you can enhance your system with other devices such as the Chaperone Device, The Voyager or the Ally Safety Button! View our range of devices below and add them to your basket!

Choose Your Add-Ons

To make your system complete, you can add-on a range of services including additional admin licenses, Tracer SIM bundles and training from our team to help you get to grips with your new Archangel system. Check our our range of add-ons below!


Once you have built your own custom Archangel system, it’s time to check-out! After checking out, a member of our team will be in touch within 24-hours to set you up with your system.

Choose your System!


The Personal Safety Management System

Archangel® is a BS8484 certified personal safety management system which allows you to control your own lone worker service. The system allows you to monitor lone worker alarms, create and manage profiles, monitor locations, deploy the Essential Service and the Companion App (at no extra cost!), as well as purchased devices which can be viewed below.

Build Your Own Archangel System
Archangel with Essential and Companion

Choose your devices:

Choose your add-ons: