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Safe Shores protects retail staff

Sewell On the Go is a family-owned business that works with Safe Shores Monitoring to keep their retail employees safe.

The company comprises a range of businesses including a chain of 13 fuel forecourt and Sewell On the Go convenience stores across Hull and the East Riding.

The group has been working with Safe Shores Monitoring to monitor their lone workers since 2018.

Fourteen Sewell On the Go employees use the Safe Shores Monitoring Chaperone lone worker monitoring system that uses the Chaperone device, which offers a range of state-of-the-art security features. The small fob has GPS for location monitoring, an SOS button connected to Safe Shores Monitoring’s alarm receiving centre (ARC), which like Sewell employees operates around the clock.

Chaperone also offers a SIM-enabled two-way communication system between users and responders with added “man down” capability, which uses the algorithmic validation offered by Safe Shores Monitoring’s cloud-based software platform, Archangel, to determine genuine situations of jeopardy.

The Safe Shores Monitoring’s service is backed by a system that has been recognised as “Secured by Design” by the National Police Chiefs Council. The service’s resilience and accreditations means calls requiring response can bypass the traditional 999 system thus providing a rapid response in instances where seconds can matter.

Sewell On the Go staff have had occasion to use the system on a number of occasions. David Craven Jones, Operations Director of Sewell On the Go said: “We are recognised as being among the best companies to work for in Yorkshire and the safety and well-being of our staff is of utmost importance.

“Sewell On the Go stores specialise in providing local produce served by local people. We use Safe Shores Monitoring to ensure they stay safe and feel safe no matter what. We have found that staff appreciate the reassurance of knowing there is someone there to help when needed and provides them with peace of mind.”

Tom Morton, CEO of Safe Shores Monitoring, said: “Retail employees often find themselves on the receiving end of abuse from disgruntled customers when dealing with complaints, shoplifting, and when refusing to sell alcohol. Our system assures personal safety by managing risks.

“Staff also face risk when dealing with cash in transit, opening and closing their premises, and receiving deliveries. These tasks are regularly carried out by lone workers who may struggle to get help if something goes wrong. There is also the issue of slips, trips and falls – one of the main causes of injury in the workplace.

“Sewell On the Go takes pride in the support they offer their retail staff and the Safe Shores Monitoring Archangel system is an excellent example of their commitment to delivering their duty of care.”

Safe Shores Monitoring recently won the Most Innovative Physical Solution accolade at the Retail Risk Fraud Awards for its Companion App with Ally Bluetooth Button.

The Companion App is a lone worker solution that transforms a smart phone into a state-of-the-art safety device that works almost everywhere. It connects to Ally, a wearable SOS device which allows lone workers to raise an alarm discreetly while working.

Tom Morton said: “Winning this award highlights how Safe Shores Monitoring delivers highly effective safety solutions for lone workers in the retail sector and other areas where employees face risks when they are on their own. We aim to deliver emergency response as well as peace of mind for both employees and employers alike.”

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