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Praise for our lone worker solutions

Delegates from the criminal justice sector praised our lone working solution when they were welcomed to Safe Shores House to further understand the benefits of our BS8484 certified lone worker service.

The first day began with a tour of our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where they observed our qualified Emergency Response and Support Officers whilst monitor their lone workers.

The delegates said: “We’ve been so impressed with the level of security and discreetness of the Safe Shores House. The building is unassuming which is impressive as it harbours a BS5979 CAT2 ARC.”

They employ lone workers to fit electronic monitoring equipment to offenders. This involves entering the offender’s homes to set up the tag, therefore each job an employee undertakes is unique.

Their employees currently uses our SOLO service as their lone working solution but they are looking to move to our complete lone worker device and service package – the Chaperone.

Their Safety, Health and Environmental Quality (SHEQ) Manager said: “Our lone worker operational staff visit people who can be dangerous or aggressive. It is important that we can ensure their safety by allowing them to issue an alarm at the touch of a button.

“The system we currently have is very good, there are plenty of staff who use the system religiously because they genuinely see the benefit of the lone worker solution – it works and we’ve seen it work. This is why we want the complete device and service package.

“The Chaperone device is discreet, easy to use and accessible, this is of the upmost importance to our staff. This level of functionality is important as it allows them to respond appropriately to risks.”

One of the group stated that on her first outing she shadowed a lone worker as part of her induction with the Organisation. During the visit she had faced an intoxicated individual who was hosting a party and had an aggressive dog in the house.

She continued: “You never know what you are walking into so to have the Chaperone readily accessible gives you that extra feeling of safety and support. Should our lone workers find themselves in a situation which requires assistance then the Chaperone gives them both confidence and security in the knowledge that they are being monitored.”

Archangel, our risk management software, impressed the group as our GPS tracking service located their staff’s routes throughout their working day. The dashboard screen also lets them see details of their staff, such as who had used the CLOCK ON or TAG features, allowing them to monitor their safety in real time.

Another, said there are lots of times when a lone worker solution can protect their staff and recalls a time before lone worker services were implemented within Capita EMS: “I was lone working in an offender’s house they locked me in. For 20 minutes we argued and he refused to let me leave.

“Given his aggressive behaviour, had I had a Safe Shores lone working solution I could have raised an SOS alarm to alert an Emergency Response and Support Officer. Instead I was on my own. Luckily my experience got me out of that situation but it could have been very different.”

At the end of the second day the delegates said that the visit had been very useful. As part of the visit, Jim Burton, Safe Shores’ National Operations Centre Team Leader displayed the capabilities of the Archangel system to the group.

The group also commented, stating “We have found ourselves in a position where employees have left and taken the software skills with them but with Archangel’s user friendly interface we can easily tailor its functionality to needs of our business.”

The team said that the service provided has been very supportive, praising Jim’s help with implementing the lone worker solution into their business.

Safe Shores’ products also allow us to comply with current UK Health and Safety legislation and give managers the reassurance that their employees in the field are safe within their environments.

The SHEQ Manager said: “The Chaperone device and SOLO service give us reassurance that if any unforeseen risks occur then our staff can raise an SOS alert.”

Tom Morton, Safe Shores Monitoring CEO, said: “It was a very beneficial visit for both parties and I welcome the praise that our visitors gave to our lone worker solutions, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), and to the services which our team provides.

“It’s always good to be reminded of the dangerous situations lone workers find themselves in and a pleasure to hear our customers acknowledge the value they place in our lone working solution, providing protection for their staff.”

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